Miller Malting Co.

A Fresh Start

We are heading into 2024 with a whole lot of excitement for a new adventure at Miller Malting Co.

Our goal to become a dedicated 100% gluten free malthouse is finally here! Located in the heart of the midwest gives us access to a wide variety of gluten free grains. We are committed to utilizing GF equipment so cross contamination is never possible.

  • Freshness, quality and purity are the top priority.
  • Full traceability from the field to your doorstep ensures a safe product for you and your customers.
  • We will have limited quantities on hand so reserve yours today.


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Our Gluten Free Grains


Sourced from a GF Regenerative farm that focuses on soil health and grain quality. This farm produces some of the highest quality, lowest arsenic rice in the country while impacting the environment in a very positive way. Methods like year round living roots, no flood irrigating, no tillage and cutting out harmful pesticides and fertilizers are key components. Every order will come with arsenic Coa for the safety of you and your customers.


Coming straight from our regenerative farm, vertical integration ables us to pass the savings on to you.