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Better brewed beer starts in the field! At Miller Malting Co we are passionate about creating a solid connection with our sustainable growers for the best quality grain possible, ultimately producing the best brews! We take pride in empowering the local farmer to explore other growing opportunities right here in Iowa!

Pint pride

Pint pride is a collective effort! From the farmer growing the crop, through our precision custom malting process here at MMC, to the brewer curating their craft, the pride & passion is in the pint.

Pride in Plants = Pride in Pints


Local ingredients, Local beer

LiLb = Local igredients, Local beer. There's simply nothing better than having a beer with and for your local growers and brewers.

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A Few of Our Premium Malts

IARW-1 ImageIowa Red WheatIAHR-87 ImageIowa Regen RyeCM-20 ImageSycamore Munich 20GM-10 ImageGenie Munich 10GV-1 ImageGenie Vienna GP-1 ImageGenie PaleGPI-1 ImageGenie PilsnerIACP-2312 ImageIowa Munich 10IACP-2154 ImageIowa Pale