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About Miller Malting Company

Farm Focused • Master Malting

2020 was a hard year for everyone so we dove into 2021 with a fresh start! We took time to meticulously revamp our malthouse from the ground up. We made some mechanical adjustments to our malting system, dialed in our malting process with the help of a professional maltster, enhanced our cleaning and bagging methods and elevated our practices to better represent our brand. Located just outside of Cascade, IA, Miller Malting Co. is a 4th generation family farm dedicated of providing consistent quality malt for the best brews and a local, homegrown Iowa option for a unique flavor twist authentic to Iowa's terroir.

We have a passion for regenerative farming, soil health and believe pint pride takes a collaborative effort. From the farmer growing the crop, through our precision malting process here at MMC, to the brewer curating their craft, the pride and passion is in the pint. Pride in plants = Pride in pints!



LiLb = Local igredients, Local beer. There's simply nothing better than having a beer with and for your local growers and brewers.

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Phone: 563.542.531